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Discover a New Era of Fundraising

For Church or Non-Profits:

Harness the power of cutting-edge fundraising tools and unlock unprecedented financial support.

Yes, even in this uncertain economy

Let Us Design a Fundraising Program For You To Increase Donations While Better Serving Your Members.

See how our expertly crafted system empowers your audience to

take back control over their own financial future.

Book a call today with Safe Money Solutions Founder, Jason Nightingale, creator of the Giving Multiplier Program. He will personally show you exactly how you can dramatically increase financial support to fund your impact in the community.

Imagine helping your members:

  • Pay off your mortgage in 70% less time.

  • Save tens of thousands of dollars in interest.

  • Reduce their tax burden.

  • Increase their average cashflow by an average of $2,000 per month.

  • All While Helping Your Church or Non-Profit receive incredible amounts of additional funds as a gift just for connecting us.

You Could Join hundreds of Other Non-Profits

Who Are taking back control of their future...

...All while helping members in your community join thousands who have taken back control of their financial future.

In the first 22 months we have helped over 1500 new clients save over $230 million with this system!

The average time to debt freedom was as little as 5-7 years, saving an average of over $130,000 per household! YES. You heard that right.

On average, the program puts over $2000 excess cashflow BACK in our clients’ pockets.

We currently have over 3600 clients in 46 states and 6 countries! WILL YOU BE NEXT?

About your host

Jason is the founder of Safe Money Solutions, LLC now in its 11th year. In 2015, a devastating fire destroyed a second business spawning the birth of their proprietary Accelerated Banking Program.

This Program has achieved exponential results for many religious organizations, providing greater cash flow, debt elimination, and wealth accumulation through the amazing Giving Multiplier Program.

While the firm services homeowners, businesses, farmers, Veterans, and retirees, they are directly focused on helping religious organizations and churches.

Through his team of committed advisors, they now serve over 3500 clients in 46 states, and 3 countries. Along with their affiliates, they offer help with insurance, Estate and Tax planning with many of their clients experiencing unprecedented financial transformation.

Hear What Others Have to Say...

Eliminated $40,000 of credit card debt

"When I came to Safe Money Solutions, I had $40,000 of credit card debt and no hope that I would ever pay it off! Jason coached me on a strategy that is snowballing over $1000 a month and I will be debt free in a little over 4 years! He even helped me find a program that is lowering my student loans! I am so excited! Thank you, Jason!!!!"

- Brittany T. Kentucky

Saved over $100,000 in interest!

We have been working with Jason Nightingale for about 2 months now. He has shown us how to get out of debt, including our house, in 10-15 years and saving over $100,000 in interest! Also- got 5x the amount of term life insurance for about $10/more a month than I was getting from my employer! Can’t wait to continue working with him…..

- Melissa Q. in Virginia

Recommend to anyone

My business does well part of the year, and then we struggle with cash flow in the late winter when the shop gets slower. Safe Money Solutions solved our cash flow issues by helping us take 2 simple steps that has transformed my business forever! I would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn banking secrets that are life changing!

-Wayne R. in Idaho

This is ultimately the financial security we have been yearning for.

It has been a blessing to have Jason in our lives as he has empowered us to take charge of our financial security now and moving forward. Jason has educated us on advanced banking strategies leveraging basic tools and combining others for mortgage acceleration, debt reduction, and building cash flow. This is ultimately the financial security we have been yearning for. We now have a better future for ourselves and our 2 children.

-Angela And Cory F, Wonderlake Illinois

We paid off our home loan in 8 years

WOW! We started with Jason Nightingale before the holidays to look at ways to save and pay off our home. We should pay off our home loan in about 8 years. Take time and give Jason a call- You won’t regret it!

- Christie A. in Kentucky

We were skeptics at first...

We spoke with Safe Money Solutions after a friend told us about how they had helped them with their farm operation. I was surprised at all the ways for saving on taxes in estate planning. They got my attention by showing how efficient this plan is when it comes to taxes and a safe way to store and build cash. We were skeptics at first, until we saw the math and the stability of the companies they work with. We had no idea we could accomplish so much by changing our reliance on banks with our money. The future looks brighter for us and our kids knowing we will NOT be leaving near as much to the IRS. We especially loved his teaching about ways to abolish debt quickly. Now our kids won’t have to inherit that too!

- Walt B. in Tennessee

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